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Eco Tourism

Wayanad Ecotourism Resorts
For the eco-conscious ones
The lush greens, the silent valley, the song birds – time stands still at Tropical ForRest. Bask in nature’s grandeur and celebrate the harmony of our existence. We don’t teach you Yoga. But we let you be. Cuddled in the arms of Mother Earth, we love the picturesque view that the valley gives us and want to share our moments here with you. Take home with you, a treasure trove of the natural world’s riches Tropical Forrest gives you a chance to rediscover the magical touch of Mother Earth that you have long forgotten. At Tropical Forrest, you are a step closer to Nirvana.
For the not-so-eco-conscious
Have you ever felt that AlGore is a scamster? That the whole global warming thing is a phish? But do we really need an Al Gore to tell us that we’re manhandling the earth. If the ‘Tiger’ was once named the national animal of our country and now they say it’s in danger of extinction, don’t you think that there’s something terribly gone wrong somewhere?

Food for thought: how is it that we’ve never faced a shortage of hens, goats, pigs or cows not though they are the most sought after beings? If we have still managed to save these animals from being endangered, can’t we do the same with our tigers? C’mon, we haven’t heard of any pig production firms yet…